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Greetings all

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  • Greetings all

    Well this new site is a bit funky. Hopefully the refresh will breathe a bit more life into it.

    Anyway, a brief re-intro......

    I'm still not getting out on the bank much - work, family and now also funerals have been taking precedence. But when I do get out, I'm still not very good (Ed. Understatement of the year). I fished, if that's what you call it, my first match in 3 months on Saturday gone and while I did everything text-book style (maybe the text-book was written by a certain Mr Huggins) I still got well and truly stuffed off the next peg and came next to last. So no changes there then!

    See you around.
    A Southerner, lost in the Midlands. ;)

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    Now you tell me!

    Anyway, how do you hair rig squatts onto a lure?
    A Southerner, lost in the Midlands. ;)