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sticking 2&3 pole sections

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  • sticking 2&3 pole sections

    hi folks and fellow anglers
    a mate of mine has a tom cat pole and 2&3 sections are stuck due to fishing last weekend in heavy rain.we have tried pulling apart when dry but with no succsess. has anyone got any sugestions,thanks and
    tight lines

    geoff pierce

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    Two ways both need three pairs of hands, first hold ends of the sections whilst the third person rotates the joints in a circular motion this causes a flexing of the joit and it will then come apart, second method is the same one on each end whilst the third person taps the joints with hand again the joint will pop and come apart, with a top 2/3 you may just get away with 2 people for the tapping method.


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      sticking sections

      thanks Brian G

      will try 3 pairs of hands soon ,hope it works ,keep you posted

      thank geoff p


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        if water is in the joint the tap method works better as it pushes the water..the rotation is better when joints arew stuck because of paste and groundbait ect
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          thanks Brian G and Danny for your input, regarding sticking tomcat joints.
          but my mate got a bit impatient and had a go himself with help from his
          better half and his mamoth of a son with innevitable results.anyone got a
          spare top 3 for a tom cat, post me if
          thanks again chaps Regards, Geoff Pierce


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            i ken here. the above metheds av worked 4 me in the past a little hint be 4 u start fishing rub pole joints with candle wax it works by 4 now


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              welcome to the site geoff , when my poel sectiosn jam i screw and pull and the sectiosn coem apart in 2 seconds
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                by the sounds of it a bit late now.. but you need to hold the sections as close to the joint as u can otherwise the sections jus shear off


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                  i spray my sections with some plumbers silicone spray.never had a section stick on me,ever.
                  talk anglings villiage idiot:p