hi guys ive been socalled pleasure fishing today it all started
i left 7.30am to be there for 8.00. car brakes down at 7.45 calls rac they turn up at 10.00
fixed the car by 11.00 should of turned back but have nt fished for weeks so desided
to carry on WHAT A MISTAKE i get to my peg about 11.35 i see the man on the next peg
fishing shallow so i went shallow 10 min fish on shipping back out tangled for three hour i was
more out of the water than in tangled tangled tangled. so desided to plumup at 11.5 and 6m
rushing to cup some feed in i snap my cuping kit i then feed by tosspot in 5 min i have a good bite i shipped back to my top section turned for my landingnet top section slips out of my hand it go sailing across the lake im having a bad day thanks to bob on the next peg he got it with is cage feeder desided to packup after that walking back to the car droped my box
tackle everwhere what a NIGHTMARE