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also looking 2 join a fishing club

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  • also looking 2 join a fishing club

    hey, im looking 2 join a fishing club, i am from hebburn which is near the newcastle area...

    also could i have a bit of help please as i am a sort of novice at lake fishing...
    you see the thing is, i went fishing at a lake yesterday and caught nothing and didnt get a single bite either....

    is this becoz the waters are 2 cold at this time of year and the fish tend 2 stay near the bottom?

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    Welcome to the site Henda11

    Best bet for joining a fishing club is to pop into a couple of local tackle shops and ask about which are the best clubs in your area.

    As for fishing - what sort of fishing are you doing? Float, pole or feeder?

    Tell us a little bit more about the lake, depths and types of fish in there and we can give you some more advice.
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      im using a float when im fishing and im not sure how deep it actually is...i no that there is plenty of fish there ....because they hold competitions there in the summer and stuff


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        Henda, can you add just a little more to the information, the name of the venue might help anyone in your area replying, but failing that how big is it is it one lake or more, is it a man made commercial, or an old established lake what are the most common species, do you know what the match winning weights are both summer and winter, all of these questions will help us to get you catching fish, but remember it is at the backend of winter when the fish can be a little docile and tightly shoaled so blanks are possible and by just moving pegs might do the trick if you are pleasure fishing, before you start always ask the owner/bailiff whats the best area and what baits are best.
        You say that you dont know how deep it is, the first essential in fishing is to plumb the depth and everything you do starts from there, you may have had 10 foot of water and only been fishing at half that depth. Let us know a little more ans we can start from there.


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          well to be honest i am not sure of the is one lake and i no that it is man is in hebburn people call it the quarry, but i definently no that it is man made for definent, the most common fish are perch,roach,tench and bream....and a dozen so of carp. thats all i no really


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            ok so its not a heavily stocked fishery by the sounds of it, which might explain why you did not catch, I would be inclined to try two baits those being punched bread and pinkies both of which are fine for float fishing, you dont say but i guess you are using a rod and line set up as opposed to a pole, at this time of the year I would be looking to use an insert waggler and have it shotted well down. Start by feeding 2 different areas one with a few pinkies and one with liquidized bread say 2 egg sized balls and fish punched bread over the top response should be fairly quick if its going to happen say within 15 minutes, if nthing happens in half an hour try the area you fed the pinkies with single or double pinkie on the hook.



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              well ive only been going there for the past few summers and ive been pulling out 15 fish at the least everytime i go, 30 fish at the most and thats in one day..... but ill try what you said and thanks for your help