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Back to Fishing after a long time...

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  • Back to Fishing after a long time...

    Afternoon all.

    Just a quick hello from me.

    Used to fish loads when I was younger (for about 5-6 years), fishing on the River Nene between Northampton and Wellingborough.
    But, with the usual exams, Uni, Women and stuff, stopped about 12 years ago.

    Last year, my darling other half, bought me a load of new equipment, so have really got back into it this summer.

    Only fish lakes now, but still a novice really (so many shiny new things ).

    Will have a read more thoroughly through the forum when I have a little more time.

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      Hi Mate and welcome have a good poke around and come and join us on the shout box and watch everyone get abused heheh and join in mate we dont bite ( unless you ask us to ) hehehe any probs with fishing just ask mate loads of experiance on here am sure someone will beable to help you
      A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work?????:p:eek:[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]


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        Welcome to the site and welcome back to fishing.

        The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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          Cheers Peeps

          Looking forward to the weekend fishing the River Welland for the first time.
          Question is...feeder or waggler (have a seperate thread if anyone has any idea).

          Would prefer the waggler, but have the option of a feeder.

          I only have one issue...I dont seem to be able to go for more than a week without fishing before getting withdrawl symptoms


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            Hi Shiny! Welcome to this great site. Familiar story to mine....ive just got back into fishing after about 12 years out. I used to fish the Nene in wellingborough and Irchester!


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              Oh Blimey.
              You didnt go to school around there by any chance?


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                From Finedon originaly, went to Irthlingborough secondy school. what about u !?


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                  Wollaston for me. Left in 97.

                  I used to love fishing the Nene, but over time, it seemed to die down (Pike and weeds started becoming a problem where I went).
                  I remember in my early days using an extremely light float, and dangling just beneath where I was sitting. 72 Gudgeon in an hour lol
                  Those were the days when I just loved catching fish.

                  I remember there used to be some nice bream (never caught any apart from the skimmers), roach (I think 1.5lb was the biggests) and perch (about 2lb).

                  Saw the odd carp too, but very few.