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hello from oz

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  • hello from oz

    g,day all left the uk 15 years ago to live in perth. used to fish for stort valley ac in harlow, essex. gave up fishing but recently there seems to be a small group of anglers fishing english style matches so ive jumped back in, the hardest thing is getting all the gear again.

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    what are the resident species in oz? i have read articals on anglers catching snakes and platypus whilst fishing in the rivers.
    :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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      g,day m8 welcome


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        We catch trout, koi carp and bream (pronounced brem) they are nothing like uk bream, they only grow to about 2kg but fight hard, great fun on the pole. Down south they get perch or red fin as they call them. The only thing you can catch that you dont need are long neck turtles. My sons at the club match today while im stuck on a minesite (work for riotinto) but Ill let you know how he goes.


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          cheers taz


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            I've heard that in Oz you have to kill any carp you catch as they are considered vermin. Is that true ozangler? If so what a nightmare that would be. Don't think I could bring myself to do it.


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              yea thats true but i dont know of any ex pat angler who would. most guys who carp fish keep the locations pretty secret, im waiting for the warmer months so the koi will start to feed. nothing like a 10lb goldfish.