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Clueless from Croydon

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  • Clueless from Croydon

    Evening all, I feel like an imposter, really have no idea about this fishing lark, sooo many questions!

    Lifes ambition has been to catch a perch - handome devils aren't they. Always looked so goddamn cool in books and mags - a mohicaned boot boy !

    ..Anyway went fishing to Keston Ponds with my chum Harry Chamberlain approx 35 years ago, and some big boys picked on us and stole our Cresta - went home crying, never caught a thing, don't even remember casting a line !

    10 years after this I bought a shiny Normark rod and weights and a reel from a tackle shop in West Croydon (long since disappeared) with my Saturday job money - these literally have spent the last two and a half decades in first my mums and then my loft.

    Approx a year ago, having acquired grown up hobbies/pastimes (wife, full time job, mortgage,car, three daughters, taste for curry, beer gut), cleared out loft. Middle daughter (10) very intruiged, and begins relentless campaign for me to take her fishing. Missus eventually caves in and one weekend about two months ago presents me with an EA rod licence ! Damn, I thought, my last excuse out the window !

    Nothing for it, so me and young Kate toured our local(ish) fishing spots and shops. Supremely hostile carping types encountered at Norwood Lake, and fairly unhelpful and offhand staff at Angler's Base in Penge (although a veritable Aladdins Cave of shiny gear).

    Eventually nettle grasped and three weeks ago we pitched up at Bury Hill Lakes in Dorking, choosing a secluded, or at least not too visible, peg we started hesitantly, but with growing confidence to pretend to fish.

    And by God, do you know, we plucked eight, count 'em EIGHT live wild, beautiful creatures from the brown soup in front of us. So shocked and exhilarated, forgot camera, forgot notebook, just amazed and thrilled with the feeling of something alien and invisible fighting on the end of our line. I'm pretty sure, now the panic has subsided they were bream, and one was about eight inches long.

    I'm also amazed that the last fish caught (as daughter, novelty having worn off, was just dangling her hook with white maggot off the platform edge) was a beautiful, four inch perch ! Just like the pictures in all the books, even more handsome than I expected. SO I'M STILL WAITING TO CATCH ONE ! I understand that one can get sick of being pestered by this little thugs, but I hope that day never comes.

    Anyway that's me and my story - sorry for the length (o'er missus) I do tend to go on - I haven't even mentioned the tangled lines, and that the whole adventure has raised more questions than answered, but for now I'm entranced by the whole hobby/sport, and can't wait to go again (possibly a tuition day at BHL again in mid/late September ?).

    Thanks for having me, and for reading so much ! If you actually want to hear my questions, let me know !

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    Hi mate, and welcome to the site.

    Great mail, we've all been there and if we didn't share the same feelings, we wouldn't be using this site either!

    Can't catch enough.....


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      Welcome,nice post mate,sounds to me your half way there with that attitude,you will always find negatives in all sports,but if youve got questions or want advice this is the place.ask away.Regards Peter.
      Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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        Thanks for the welcome.
        You asked for it ! Some questions, in no particular order - told you I was clueless.

        1. Do most people stick with one type of fishing ? Or does everyone have a pole, float and feeder rod in their bags ? Is it just taste, or does it depend on the season/swim/weather/budget/lake/river/canal etc ?
        2. Why is line often sold in 100m lengths, when spools hold, say, 200m+, no matter the BS. Is your preferred main line tied on to a "bulk" of any old stuff ?
        3. Why are spools made to take so much line ? I can appreciated carp "big pit" reels need loads, but surely no-one else needs even 100m ?
        4. Will a tackle shop put line on a new reel for me ?
        5. As a beginner with no realistic expectation of taking part in a match, will I need a keepnet ?
        6. Having said that, I'd love to see my "haul" at the end of a day, will anywhere let me use one these days ?
        7. Pole fishing, bought a (very cheap) 3m whip thingee - no elastic, and havent used yet. Although it looks vaguely alien, the concept interests me, but what are power tips, what is the float terminology etc. Any good web sites or books on the very basics.
        8. Who makes a good 6m pole, cheap and unbreakable !
        9. Likewise feeder rod ? Garbolino Rocket Carp Feeder 11' any good anyone ? Not going after Carp, just seems a cheap decent rod from a "big name".
        10. Shakespeare Mach 3 reels seem good also (loads of spools, three shallow - see above !)

        Any responses very gratefully received, don't feel you're patronizing, it's not possible !



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          1. most anglers do fish various styles,for a lot of the reasons you mention. 2. yes if you only put 100m of line on a deep spool you will need some form of backing,a lot of reels come with deep & shallow spools. 3. some people can cast 100m. 4. if you buy a reel and line from them,they should,but its easy to do. 5&6 .not essential and a lot of fisheries only allow them for matches. 7.. best bet is dvds( i will send you a pm) 8,9&10.theres mountains of good tackle out there at sensible prices, its a case of sorting out what type of fishing you want to do. a tip here mate, i know your eager to get info but if you post just a few questions at a time ithink you will get a better response.Hope this helps a bit, Regards Peter.
          Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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            Thanks Peter, apologies for the barrage !

            pm sent


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              do you know any one that goes fishing because that would be a step in the right direction .pick their brains and your on the road into the wonderfull world of angling .most people that use this are site are passionate about their sport who eat .sleep and drink fishing and i for one still get goose bumps when landing a good un .it was a lovely introduction to the site and i look forward to hearing more from you .LONG LIVE ANGLING
              nige cooke


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                DVD in the post,be aware its an old one but a lot of it is still relevant and will give you an insight into pole fishing mate.i hope you continue with the enthusiasm you have shown so far,enjoy the sport and keep the posts coming. Regards Peter.
                Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.