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missing bites and dont no what try next??

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  • missing bites and dont no what try next??

    hi guys the last couple of times ive been pole fishing match and pleasure i carnt hit my bites and when i do hit them i lose them or bump them of i tryd changin line hooks depth bait the distance im fishing floats diffrent ways of strikein and i stil carnt get arround it if any1 got any advice guys i wil try it and be grateful

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    Have you checked the tension on your elastic? If you are bumping fish, it may be that the elastic is set too tight.


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      My first option would be to increase the depth by an inch or more, this is guessing that your touching bottom already... ?? Give em the extra inch to hang themselves.. lol

      If your fishing shallow then it maybe that yout not hitting proper bites only small fish nibbling the end of your bait etc..
      Effort = Reward.


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        The distance between the pole tip and the float is a big factor in hitting bites this should be arround one foot in a lake or three foot on a flow,try to hit the bit with a gentle lift on still water and against the flow on must make shure ytour elasic is not to tight it needs to come out and retract easilywith no sudden resistance this is vitally important and you should dipp your pole tip in the water at regular times durring the fishing session and give it a strech.
        I firmly believe the best elastic to use is the future hollow and the size six for silver fish is really superb and will land almost anything, but again have it slightly loose. You can buy this for arround £ 5.95 from a lady called blue linda on ebay.
        The blue is the colour of image future products logo, a company that used to sponsor Mark Pollard


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          ye cheers guys i did change all my elastic last week but i wil have a look on ebay(blue linda) thanks again for ur advice