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  • 1st time

    Hey there ppl. This is my 1st time usin this site so just gettin to grips really. Im predominantly a Carp angler,but ive got a match coming up in october,an have been informed that most people use pole on the pool. Was hopin some of you could give me some advice on fishing a match for carp with a rod, an maybe swing the balance in my favour a little. get in touch please. all replies appreciated

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    Hi Billy and welcome to the site.
    You may not be the only one using a rod, some may change during the match at some point. Now as you dont own a pole your best option is going to be the method fished on the same line the regulars are pole fishing. If that means chucking it to within a foot or so of the island then so be it, clip up and you will be fine. Use a large cage feeder to get a bit of bait down 1st just like the pole anglers will be doing with their cupping kits, then fish the method on top. It may be hard to compete against the pole anglers but you never know it could throw things in your favour.
    Let us know what the lake is and someone on here may be able to help you further.
    Have a good match.

    The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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      hi welcome to talkangling just fish too what your best but if u want to take up match fishing you should think about getting a pole. good luck