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Hello From Kent...

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  • Hello From Kent...

    hi everyone..

    new to fishing forums, this place looked cool, so i joined, not sure what to put but here goes..

    i went fishing about 7 years ago, pier fishing with a friend, since then i have always wanted to get into it again, but never had the time...

    now i

    i bought a freshwater rod/ reel etc from maidstone anagling along with my partner, she is happy with her set-up and float fishing, but having been to abbey lake and caught 20-30 small silver fish i wanted to go again the following week and try for some bigger fish, nothing majour, just half a pound fish would be nice....

    anyway, i meet dave, and he said my set-up etc was all wrong, fixed all that, and said have i tryed legering... i had no idea what he ment,and so he set my rodup with a bait box, gave me some ground bait, a tin of sweet corn, and some hooks etc, and said watch your rod now..

    well blow me..

    my rod went crazy!!.. CARP!!!..

    dave had left by now, but this thing was massive, i took my time, and had the clutch loose as i was not 100% on how to bring her in, but i did in the end, and was just over 4lb!..

    what a stunner, i cast again, and BANG!... another, bigger.. i was in fishing heaven...

    as the day went on, i caught 7-10 carp all over 4lbs but on my last cast, this beast of a carp grabed the sweetcorn, and went crazy, it was MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am only running 4lb line, and as i spent 25-30 playing with her, on the final thrust as the landing net went in, SNAP... line, and everything went, i was gutted!...

    even since saturday, all i keep thinking about is the one that got away.. i was well gutted.. ( how sad! )..

    anywa, i am using a kingfisher 12ft rod, and a shimano (sp?) reel, with 4lb main line..

    what i would like,is for someone to now actually infom me of a good rod/ reel set-up, its the bigger fish i love, no just carp, any!.. but i do believe i need to upgrade a little..

    anyway, thats me, nice to meet you all, and il be sticking
    [SIZE="3"][FONT="System"][COLOR="YellowGreen"]fishing, deck chair, cup of tea, custard creams, and some good ground bait.... hummm... for everything else, there's [COLOR="Red"]Maste[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkOrange"]rcard[/COLOR]....haha[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

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    welcome gt the guys on here are a fantastic bunch who will give you all the help that you need just feel free to post on what ever topic you need info on mate and all the lads on here will put you right all the best mate and welcome to the site regards john rhodes


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      thanks john.
      [SIZE="3"][FONT="System"][COLOR="YellowGreen"]fishing, deck chair, cup of tea, custard creams, and some good ground bait.... hummm... for everything else, there's [COLOR="Red"]Maste[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkOrange"]rcard[/COLOR]....haha[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]


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        welcome m8


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          welcome aboard got, spoke to you earlier on the shoutbox, if you need any help with tackle feel free to pm me and i will help as much as i can,


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            Hi mate, and welcome to the site. Sounds like youv'e got the bug proper, so you'll get lots of help and advice here.

            Can't catch enough.....