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Old Nick is watching!

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  • Old Nick is watching!

    Just a quick intro.

    These days I tend to just get the odd trip down to the Solent, to do a bit of tiddler snatching for the cat.

    I have been a keen angler for just under 40 years, having taken part in coarse competitions around Europe and hunted the Troots across the Northern Isles and down in Darzet.

    Sea Angling has been my preferred option for some years now, purely because I see no point in coarse angling, except in competition. I hunt for the pot, but return anything I am not going to eat.

    I am an "innovative engineer" (inventor to the uninitiated) and I have a whole range of little gizmo's, which are guaranteed to increase the sensitivity of bite detection and get my baits/lures out to the biggies, lying to far offshore, for convention casting techniques.

    I have done some successful research into deep water angling (350 feet +) and , applying the odd gizmo, found some startling facts of marine fish habits.

    I am a vocal opponent of Otter Trawling, which I hold to be the most destructive aspect of commercial fishing, affecting North and Barents Sea fish stocks.......... forget over fishing........ most of the depletion is done by less than 100 boats!

    I have done my duty for a couple of Angling Clubs, holding various posts from President downward. These days I feel I have earned the right to be a "passenger" and let others do the work!

    My winter hobby is rod building and repair. My favourite rod is now over 35 years old!......... a 30lb boat rod, which, on my last trip out, subdued a 65lb conger in 120 ft of water (returned to fight another day). My second fave rod is an AFTM7 fly rod, made by a friend, who worked for Hardy. I love taking commercially built rods, with rubbish performance and "tuning them (normally improving ring positioning (to reduce line twist) and reel position, for balance.

    Best trout: 12lb.
    Best sea fish: Halibut, 565lb!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fave current quarry: Sea Bass, 8lb.

    'n I tend to rabbit!

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    sainsbury's comes to mind welcome to probably the best fishing forum on the web
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion