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White Acres

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  • White Acres

    White Acres Mobile Home please read. Hi everybody, its so nice to be invited on this website. I have fished for many years and have acheived a little. The only event that springs to mind is i caught two 3lb plus roach in one season in matches. My username may seem strange, its nothing to do with fishing, i have had a bad year so far with heatlh, i have been told i have to have major heart surgery and i have Cancer aswell, hence windouble, and to top it off i lost my lovely son six weeks ago, a good year ah. No violins please. i aim to help people on this site as much as i can, my first help is i have bought a mobile home at whites acres, a top of the range one, in one of the best positions on the site, Parkdean has not one better than mine and they rip you off. I will have a website soon. I just want you to enjoy my home and come back again and again thats why i want rip you off. Please read my theme thank you Windouble

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    hi windouble
    just to say i hope you have a much better year in 2010, and that your health improves,
    best wishes


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      You are a great Guy

      Thanks very much, roll on 2010. One thing went right for me thou i meet a beautiful Lady. Say a pray for me in 2 weeks thats when the Op is. God Bless Windouble


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        white acres

        dont worry about the op ,they have got the heart surgey off to a tee, had 2 quraple bypasses in the last 14 yrs,and i am only 56yrs . any how 2010 will be a better yr for you .and remeber to know the good times you must know the bad times .


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          welcom m8 get well soon,chin up


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            Welcome aboard-i am sure your heart surgery will go well.Ihave to had open heart surgery,twice,and i am still fishing,so,good luck.