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Hi! and a question?

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  • Hi! and a question?

    I haven't fished for the last three years, (broke a pole section and never got a replacement) , but the bug bit again recently and yesterday a brand new Maver 151 was delivered- my question is about the free cupping kit that was supplied with it. with the pole I got 2 cups, 2 match kits and 4 power kits that seem identical - although they do have different numbers/letters on. they are all sun ice finish and I can't decide which one to cut for the cupping kit?

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      Am I not making any sense?

      I expected a cupping kit to have a dedicated top kit - is that the case?

      The shop said that I should just use one of the power kits. If this is the case I can't decide which one to cut down, or if it is a good idea to do this as I thought a cupping kit was stiffer?

      is that any clearer?


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        Might be best to buy a cheap universal cupping kit rather than cut one of your top kits down, as when you need another top kit you will probably find it more expensive.


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          Well said roysty
          never cut a top kit down to use as a cupping kit


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            if they all have different codes on them you will have a cup kit for the pole ask your supplier for the rite one............ agree with the others dont cut an origional top kit , put hydro in it


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              i would suggest checking it out with a specialist at a local tackle shop. They should be alright to sort it out for you.