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Fishing nd Dogs

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  • Fishing nd Dogs

    I hope this doesn't upset the hardcore but I was wondering if anyone knows of any fishing venues that allow dogs. I live in Blackburn, Lancashire and would like to find some venues near to me that allow dogs so I don't have to cut my fishing short to return and look after the dog. I would like to be able to fish all day long and look after the dog aswell.
    I would travel a reasonable distance so that I could fish all day.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    People/Anglers can be a bit touchy about dogs wandering around and leeping over poles. But if your dog is well behaved and you clean up after and during your visit i,m sure there are lots of places that would allow you to fish.


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      Thanks for the reply. I totally understand that people can be a bit touchy and that's why I started my message as I did. I would absolutely ensure that he does not run around. He would be on the lead and fixed to the ground.
      It appears that I might have to ring the places and ask.


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        A bit far for you to come, but we allow dogs on our lake at Sutton Lawn Dam, as long as they're kept under control, and you clean up their mess, there's no problem.


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          Thanks for the reply. You are probably right.