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    Hello all, just joined the forum, bit gutted just done first club match of the year come last, one fish 12 oz. still better then a blank.

    Practiced on Sunday night same time and had 10lb + from the peg opposite.


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    where did you fish mate and welcome to the forums, enjoy


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      Fished on the club lodge at Bradshaw, Bolton.Small water 10 pegs ,depth of water 6ft to 18 inch, unspoilt . Good head of crucians , skimmers bream, carp.

      Oh. and you can buy a pint 100 metres from peg to bar, bliss!


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        this may not work but try making some ground bait up before the match or you you get to the lake (if your allowed some lakes do not accept ground bait), before setting up to fish chuck a ball of bait roughly where your going to fish and this method may attract more fish!



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          Thanks mate. groundbait is allowed but in small amounts. what type is best at this time of year?
          was thinking of pure breadcrumb, what do you think?


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            welcome to the site rush
            Practising for matches is rarely any good because places fish different in matches, It's only any good for looking at the lake and making a few rigs


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              Try something with a bit of fishmeal in it, plain brown crumb will not work as well, at this time of year you want something with a bit of feed content in it - the best bit of advice would be to try asking in the local tackle shop if anyone knows the particular lake well and what works down there, that will be the quickest route to increasing your catch!

              Hope you enjoy the site, and post some questions - it will bring you bigger catches!
              Simon Young
              Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
              web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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                can some one tell me a good carp groud bait please


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                  new member

                  hi rush im a new member as well so not to good at this at the moment hope get a reply from you hope you dont mind this message off anew menber


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                    hi all on line from gary


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                      Hi Gary, Dynamite Baits green swimstim groundbait would be a good one to get you started with. You can also make paste with it and it's dead easy to mix just by varying the amount of water you add to it.
                      MATRIX HALIFAX