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Evening all! A new new newbie!

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  • Evening all! A new new newbie!

    Evening everyone!

    I'm Pete, 19 and living in Maidenhead, Berks. A very new newbie so please be gentle!
    I've always had a schoolboy's interest in fishing but never really had the chance to do anything about it - mainly due to bone idleness I must admit! But money has always been a bit tight and school took up a lot of time!
    About 5 or 6 years ago we were on holiday in the Scottish borders and bumped into a very nice chap who let us onto his patch of riverbank (The Tweed) to relax for a bit - and he had some tackle with him. I was given a crash course in fly casting and about half an hour's playing and was hooked! (No pun intended ) After that I got all enthusiastic and persuaded Mum to pay for a Fly fishing course - was a bit of a disaster as I lost about every fly in the bushes and didn't get a bite all day!
    A few years later I was given a 'Young Anglers Kit' by an Aunt and Uncle (why I have no idea - I had given up on fishing at that time!) which until recently had been languishing in a cupboard unopened since that birthday!
    Was on on the river jumping between my Step-Dad's boat and that of his friend when the friends' Son (all a bit complicated this! ) was chucking a lure over the side - and having some success! Hooked once again!
    Since then I've bought a reel (the one in the 'kit' was falling apart after just a few minutes!) have been given some line and inherited a variety of tackle from the '50s up to the '80s!
    At the moment I'm only interested in sticking a hook/lure over the side and seeing what happens - I'm still at the stage where the novelty value is more encouraging than anything!
    (wow - this is getting long! get to the point . . . )
    As I know absolutely zilch about fishing/angling, any info would be more than welcome!
    At the moment the only place I can really go is Bray Marina - off the back of Step-Dad's boat (A Freeman 23 if you're interested . . .) and the predominant fish in there seems to be Roach! Caught 2 a few weeks ago on my 1st real 'trip' more by luck than judgment! Each about 5 inches long - no idea about weight though! I've found that they are partial to a slightly stale crust from home-made white bread!

    Well I've rabbited on more than enough now! Thanks for reading this far! I hope to stick around and see how much I can pick up here to avoid making a fool of myself when I venture onto the Thames in more public spots!

    All the best!
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    Welcome to the site Pete, you seem to be enjoying your sel which is what fishing is about, and this is the place to learn a few tricks, ask the questions no matter how silly they may seem and you will get good advise, from what you have written you have found that fish like bread, boats ducks and bread go together with the fish feeding of the small bits that the ducks dont eat, try liquidiziing a few slices off day old bread up in a food processor and feed that in a walnut sized ball and fish a small pinch of new bread over it. You can buy a punch to take out a pellet of bread that tends to stay on the hook better.


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      Thanks very much for the reply!
      Will grab some bread later on and try that tomorrow - will have a few spare hours to get away at last!
      Are there any other baits which are good for fairly deep (at a guess, 6-12') very still and murky waters? So far I've only used bread (on the spur of the moment!) would worms be any good? Any info at all is very welcome!
      Thanks again!


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        An alternative to punched bread ,Pete, would be to squeeze a small piece of fresh bread onto your hook. Why not try a worm!? I don't know your Marina but roach suggest decent water conditions. Maybe you'll find there are decent perch in there if you try a worm as bait! Let us know how you get on and you'll find lots of alternatives from TA members. Seek out anybody else who fishes the Marina!
        John - Kingfisher
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          Well a whole day away from the house and in the fresh air! Pity it rained for most of it but you can't have everything!
          Used a bit of stale bread and some fresh both 'hooked' and squashed onto the hook. Nothing from 0930, one roach at 1300 then nothing 'till 1700! After that 5 more up till 1800 (dodging the rain!)
          The place is teeming with roach - when I got one about a dozen popped up to have a look! They all seem to be about 6" long, no idea about weight! Is that an edible size for roach? Are roach even edible? Crikey, I really know nothing! :P
          Good little fighters they are too - very spirited in their resistance!
          Will have a scout round for some worms and some moss and see if I can tempt anything else out of the waters. Its about 6-8' deep and very still with only a few slight eddy currents around. Water is quite clear most of the time, deceptively so! With the float about 5' up the line its possible to see the bait still! Haven't ever seen anyone else fishing in there so looks like i'm the only one - will have to make it up as I go!

          Thanks for the replies! Learning more with each one!
          All the best!


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            Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time on here.

            Perhaps you can try buying a bag or two of groundbait from your tackle shop like a bag of Supermatch and mixing it with some plain brown crumb also bought from the tackle shop - then you can get a few worms and chop them up and mix them with the groundbait and a bit of water until you can make some reasonably hard balls from it - them throw in at the start of the session 3-4 balls the size of satsumas. then buy a pint of maggots and throw 6-8 maggots in every couple of minutes and fish a maggot on the hook.

            Let us know how you get on.

            I used to live in Windsor - there are loads of good fishing spots on the thames near you.
            Simon Young
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