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trying to break through into open matches

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  • trying to break through into open matches

    hi guys my name is mitchell johnson im from outskirts of grimsby. I fish for a local club called carr lane and i do club matches once every 2 weeks but i am intrested in doing more open matches can any one help me.
    I started fishing open matches about 3 month ago but only done about 2 and finding it difficult to get a good result although i am the youngest angler to compete i feel i could do better but feel i need some tips and general advice to help me put more fish on the bank.
    so if anyone as random tips they use please shout them out on the reply
    With me been a youngster they see me as the underdog but i no that i am better than a few of them as i have fished against them before but i carnt seem to get a good result in a match.
    any tips, tricks or advice is welcomed and much appreciated

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    To be honest I'd suggest getting your head down until you're consistently performing well at club level before trying to move up to opens.
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      its a big step up from club to opens matches n you,ll be better off going to just a couple of venues you really enjoy n watching those who consistently do well . ASK LOADS OF QUESTIONS n watch n learn, be polite n make sure they dont mind you watching , but most of all ENJOY your fishing . We all like to win but it aint everything


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        good idea to fish the opens while your young. dont expect to frame in many as different waters always have there experts. but show your determination and always ask the winner at weigh in how they fished. being young they'l prob give away there best secrets. plus if you fish an open and see someone baggin watch what there doing and copy them. good luck.


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          Pick a couple of venues you know a bit about and stick to them. Dont be afraid to ask the regulars for advice ( after the match! ). Prepare yourself for a few spankings at the start but once you have found your feet you will be ok. Consistency is more what you want to look for rather than going and trying to get straight in the frame. This may take a couple of seasons but worth the effort. Also dont get put off by the so called big boys, even they can be beaten on their off days. Tight lines. Big G.


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            THINK< THINK<THINK My once tip is to think about what you are doing and not just chucking in feed. Think logic and think you can win self confidence is also the key to winning but don't be over confident as will will lose a few.

            Tip 2 is "think outside the box"
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