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got atomic groundbait

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  • got atomic groundbait

    just been reading about this new grounbait atomic cloud from got anybody tried it out yet if so whats best as it sounds like you have to mix it as a slop

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    Have been having ago with it for a few months now at the moment the red and black ones seem to work the best. I have mixed it as a slop and have used it with micro pellets depend what i have been fishing for. I'm sure that as time goes by the other two: ie the green and brown will come into their own with meat,catfood or paste. There is talk of a bloodworm one coming out. The best place at the moment for upto date info of the product is the got website as the lads on there use it most of the time.



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      thanks for that andrew look forward to recieving it and i will try it as you say as a slop


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        The Atomic cloud comes in 4 flavours at present. Green Lipped Mussel (green) Catmeat (brown) Strawberry (red) and Black (aniseed) All have worked well in trials but by far the most popular are the red and black, although as Andrew has said I think the others will come into there own in the summer when those baits are more prominant.

        There are also two new flavours coming out soon. Pineapple (yellow) and a slightly lighter red (worm). Watch out for them as they have been responsible for a lot of fish in the net.

        The cloud itself is very versatile and can be used as a slop to create a cloud effect as the name suggests. Used simply for dusting maggots or as a dye for larger baits such as corn or meat. Mixed in with a method mix it is quite explosive.All I can suggest is get some and have a play around with it as you can do some much more with it.
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          atomic cloud

          thanks for that keith i have already ordered some of the black and red for the weekend going to try it out on a pleasure session first though