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    Hello each and everyone,by golly this is a good Fanzine, as a new member I have not managed to grasp it all.
    As a very old angling man, my fishing was with splitcain rods basket,Michellreel,barbed hooks,and a box of mixed floats, also a selection of line,bait maggots,paste,bread mixed with cheese,may be a few worms and my snap,two flasks of coffee: nothing technical no add on's just time and the will to sit and wait and realise what a great way to relax.
    As one man band it was bliss as I never ever joined a club I was my own man! I have fished from dawn to dusk and never even had a nock, but I was a very happy man as I travelled home.
    Tight lines

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    A lot of us have been there Pat! Welcome to the site!!
    John - Kingfisher
    Talk Angling Senior Member
    Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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      hi postmanpat walcome to the site


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        hi postmanpat this is a great site with loads of good info and friendly members


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          hi postmanpat will not see you this week on holiday kids are off school so hopeing to get the rods and poles out that means all my pole rigs will be trashed. see you soon


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            Hello SUMO it is postmanpat.
            You have to help me I cannot get it sorted
            I hope you read this!
            Will see you Thursday


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              Hello SUMO give me a bell when you can please


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                Welcome to the site pmp ,those were the days eh no screaming bite alarms and spod rockets going off every where around you.....


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                  I am a new member joined about half an hour ago.

                  I have a question about fishing on my local canal...

                  I have just started fishing in my local canal over the half term holiday, (yes, i am only 16) bought a fishing pole and a ready made rig and used sweetcorn and luncheon meat. i sat for 3 hours, being patient which i believe is one of the pillars of fishing? and did not get a bite . i was going to use maggots but have no local access to them. i was wondering whether it was the wrong time of year - although i have been informed that it's not and if anyone has any good baits, or general advice.

                  Thanks in advance,
                  Jason W.


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                    hi Jay and welcome to the site, tell us a little bit more of the canal you are fishing, the chances are we will have someone who has fished it and will give you good advice.
                    luncheon meat and sweetcorn are baits that are more suited to bigger fish like carp, bigger bream and tench, if your canal does not contain a good head of those then you will struggle, obviously maggots are the better bet, big maggots dont keep to well maybe a week or ten days if refrigerated, but pinkies will keep for months if put in a fridge, they would almost certainly get you a few bites.
                    Alternative baits are things like worms and hempseed, but try taking the crusts of a few slices of bread and whizz that through a food processor till its a fine crumb, and intoduce a small ball as feed fish punched bread over the top.
                    Take a look at the features pages theres a good article in there on punch fishing.