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hi there!!!!! new angler needing help!

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  • hi there!!!!! new angler needing help!

    hey! been fishing for a while now and had a few nice fish out of my local fisheries! but i fear it may have been luck more than judgement!! but i have just got a membership to a lake in stewartby (bedfordshire) the lake has the following breeds

    Now then i need to know pretty much everything! so hope i am in the right place! so lets start with rods?? i have only been using a little tele at the fishery and its a nice little rod from what other "real" anglers have told me! but i have been looking at some carp rods and aslo a rod pod and bite alarms. will that be a good set up to catch such breeds? and then baits!?? what baits should i use? i know some of the breeds are predatory but not too interested in them! also i am in a bit of a budget so please dont tease me with a load of expensive gear! hope to get some good advice!

    oh by the way my name is phill and i live in maulden bedfordshire (beetween luton and milton keynes) if any anglers are from these parts i hope to see you on the bank one day!! hopfully with a fish on i might ad!! thanks guys and girls!!

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    Hi Phil and welcome to the site.

    I am a new member to the site as well. However not new to fishing.

    After reading you thread and the species you are interested in, IE silver fish. You won't need bite alarms or carp rods. In my opinion you should be looking for a float rod and tip/feeder rod. Speak to you local tackle dealer he will be able to advise you and might be able to offer a few different rods to look at and handle in the shop which will be in your price range, you can get some good rod under £100. Don't just look in one tackle shop as they might sell different makes to another shop. Take you time in choosing as you are on a budget. I like soft rods ie through actions and you can get away with lighter hook lengths, and if you hook larger fish you have a chance of landing them.

    As for baits for these species, the range is endless. Just to mention a few, casters, maggots, pinkies, bread, sweet corn, worms, pellets, hemp, tares, ground bait as feed.

    I hope this helps you, and good luck in your search.

    Regards Steve
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