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    My name is Rex and I now live in retirement on the edge of Exmoor West Somerset. and have now permanently pitched our Caravan in Bude Cornwall were we hope to spend and equal time between the two abodes
    Within a few weeks I will reach my allotted span of 70 years and have got what most get at my age and my fishing will now be restricted to the Bude canal were I have been accepted as a member.
    I have always been a loner when I go fishing from catching minnows in the River Nidd at knarsbourgh and fishing for gold fish in the mill dams in west yourshire I progressed through the running water stages of fishing stick and strait led. In 1959 we moved to Taunton in Somerset, And it was not long before I caught the bug for specimen fish and by the mid sixties I was hooked on cyprinus carpio. In all the years of fishing ,I have never found the need to photograph any fish That I have caught and I can only remember weighing 5 fish two 30+ carp best 36lbs Caught on the surface from the Willows lake @ Billing Aquadrome in 1969. And 3 Rudd all over 4lb the best 4.4oz approx. once again caught on surface in the Lily beds on crust dosed with marmite, an attractor I still use in many forms, from the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal in the early 1970,s. my last few years have been spent on Commercial waters with caravan sites, with safe access to the swims were the fish usually seem to enjoy been in my landing net But now I have updated my gear towards fishing canals, all but one carp rod and reel the others,Rod reels have been moved on, on eBay,rod pods and audible flashing alarms that allow you to spend 100s of hours weighting for fish to come and see you And with a limited knowledge of light line fishing I have a lot to learn I Have sent of for DVD of some of the old school Ivan marks, and the young Mark Downs may still teach me a few tricks to tackle the Canal at Bude,I would also appreciate any recommendations on canal fishing. I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead of me.
    Best regards
    PS I will stick to a rod and running line,I realize I would catch more on a pole so the tell me,but they are not for me now,I will set about the canal with rod and reel.
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    Youve picked the best site Rex,Some top class anglers on here.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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      big welcome to you Rex,enjoy talk angling


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        Thank you

        Thank you both for your welcome, we are all in a game that is changing daily in baits and tackle but experience must be earned both from other experienced anglers in their fields or out there on the bank. The secretive ways of the ultra cult angler was a really fun time,when they would go to extreme lengths to hide their secret bait and those in the know then still used naturals in the margin and caught more carp on the surface on crust from unfishable ??? swims on our 10' stepped up rods with 20lb line. my first successful bite indicator was a cork with wire attachment in a large necked milk bottle for wind protection we used to stay awake the whole time the lines were in the water, then it all changed the heron bite alarm came along, after that a well known carp angler from Yorkshire caused a real stir with his unethical rig the fixed lead.
        It is great to chat again for the last few years I have only been able to have good conversation with my great nephew who with exceptional hard work on the lakes and rivers of Somerset all alone most of the time as made quite a name for himself in the angling world well done Jules, Julian Chidgey he is now a fox consultant. So I had better succeed in Bude canal.


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          Welcome to TA rex, you sound like you have had some great success in your fishing,long may it last and once again WELCOME.


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            Thank you Tysontim.
            When you have been fishing for 65 years luck is bound to come your way now and again
            all the best