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Hey All!!

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  • Hey All!!

    hi im jamie.

    erm im 26 from ipswich i started fishing when i was 9 years old.

    i learnt my art on the river stour catching roach and the stick, often havin bags of over 50lb in day!! and fishing the tip for bream on ardliegh and alton water and many laa waters.

    When i was 15 i started club fishing, did reasonably well winning 3 and framing in 6 out of 19 matches. The next year i started fishing in opens around suffolk and essex with a couple of the local lads who took me under their wings, i learnt how to fish squat and blood worm and punch. framed a couple that first year. year after i did a bit better on the open circuit won a couple (loadsa money for a 16yo!) then won a winter league which had some well known match anglers in!! carried on with the opens for a year more and did ok again, then got into carp!!

    for the next ten years i fished solely for carp taking carp from some of the hardest waters around, tol pits, fen drayton, wraysbury horton. pb is 51lb, good old mary from wraysbury, RIP ole girl!! i soon got used to rubbing shoulders and making friends with the best!! ieven did a few mags. a very proud time i can tell you.

    Then the spark just died, had no passion for carp just couldnt get my head around carp fishing and ended selling my carp gear.

    Ive now decided to take up match fishing again, seems like its all changed!! pellets and hair rigs blimey now all about that but what happened to canal matches 26 hooks, 12oz bottoms?? all bloody carp!!

    are there still canal and river matches in essex or further afield?

    do i have to learn the art of carp bagging to reach the top?

    what happend to tommy pickering and the likes??

    looks like i have an uphill battle!!

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    Welcome back to the world of match fishing and a bigger welcome to the site


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      welcome to the site jamie
      [COLOR="SeaGreen"]carp fisher!but its a bream![/COLOR]