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Hi all, new and starting out

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  • Hi all, new and starting out

    Hi everybody,

    A North-West member here, just thought I'd say hello and pick some brains if I may

    I'm starting again after not going fishing since I was a lad some 20 odd years ago and I was never much good then lol, my best fish was a bream of around a pound but it certainly got my heart pounding

    I've got myself a Shimano Alivio 360 (12ft) match rod which I think is rated for a 2-6lb line, with a Catana 4000RB reel. The last couple of reels I had I think came pre-bulked with about 50lb line filling up half the reel and I'd throw on about 100m meters of 2lb to within a mm of the spool lip. This new reel doesn't come with any line what so ever so I wanted to know which main line would be best for the rod/reel and how much I would need?

    I've read good stuff about maxima chameleon and was thinking of filling it with 4lb (would the one shot fill a full spool?) and using 3lb hook lengths, and maybe on the spare spool 5lb main and 4lb hook lengths, what do you guys think? I'd like to aim to catch some decent sized fish (well in my eyes anyway hehe) of a couple of pound and maybe the odd carp pushing 6lb or so.

    Is this realistic, what do you guys suggest?

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    Hiya Davey, welcome to the site

    Maxima is a good sinking line ... i use 6lb for method/feeder you cant go far wrong with what you have put above

    I would get a feeder rod 11ft and your set

    tight lines


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      Heyup Davey. I would stay with the 4lb line on the match rod and as richierich says get a feeder rod for those carp and go with the 6lb on that. As for line capacity it should say on the spool. Don't bother using backing like we used to line is a reasonable price nowadays.


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        Cheers guys, I've happened across some daiwa sensor which is very cheap (3000+ metres for a tenner!) and is rated by a lot of people so I thought I'd give it a go, if its no good I can use it as backing. Long term I probably will get a feeder rod. Thanks again


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          Hi and welcome to Talk Angling