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New Member Looking For Advise

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  • New Member Looking For Advise

    Hello All
    Hope You Guys Can Help Me Just Started To Fish Again This Summer After Many Years No Fishing Just Working. I Am Thinking About Purchasing A Middy Hot Spot As My First Small Pole Would This Be Money Well Spent Or Total Waste Of It Your Comments Would Be A Great Help. Thanks Disco

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    First off welcome to the site I am sure you will get plenty of info from it.
    With regards to the Middy pole there will probably not too many on site who have used one of these poles, so you will not get too many responses, and wether its a waste of money depends on what sort of fishing you do.
    It looks to be a margin pole that given its 22 elastic rating would be fine for carp in the margins, but not much use for gudgeon and blade roach on the canal, Whilst top of the range poles cost a £1000+ and are out of reach for a lot of us there are a good few poles that will cover a variety of fishing styles in the low hundreds often with 2 or 3 spare tops, which will give you a chance to fit different strength elastics. The Shimano Technium is one worth looking at which will not only give you a spare or two but is 13 metres long, and is fishable at that length, shop around and you will pick one up for around £200.
    Let us know what sort of fishing you are doing and the venues you fish we can then be a little more specific.


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      Disco, whatever pole you decide to go for, try to buy the longest one that is on offer in your price range which also has plenty of spares and has extensions for you to purchase at a later date.


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        do NOT just buy the longest pole as it probably will not be able to be used at its longest length unless spending £800 plus. Go for a pole you can comfortably hold and remember you do not have to fish out as far your pole goes. The Shimano is a good call as it is an all rounder that will handle big elastics as well as the light stuff. If you can't stretch to spare tops 3's buy a spare No1 section or two and if the pole has telecopic no 1 & 2 sections you can elasticate the Spare No 1's with different grade elastic so in effect you have 4 choices not just 2. All you do is drop the No 1's out and replace.


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          Hi Guys
          thanks for taking time to offer me a little advise guys this was much welcomed by your new member



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            before you buy try the pole out, give it a good going over, try it at different lengths, sitting down or standing up. but whatever pole you get try to get some spare top kits for it. when you go to buy elastic don't told back on the price, don't buy cheap elastics or bungs.
            :D I'll fish anytime and anywhere (as you can see).:D