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  • Hello everyone Well I have just returned to live in Kingsbury after an absence of oh only nearly 23 years well hasn't it changed down the gravel pits or should I say Water-Park? In fact it was the water park a little before I left the village.
    Anyway now I am back I would like to chat to some local guys on here if I can I need to get clued up about everything like whats the costs of A/ day tickets there and B/ what about a seasons permit holding ? can I get a concession for disability for instance. Oh and are any of you good people on here into Astronomy?? I have several pretty nice scopes but thats another subject for another time
    ps I only joined today not sure where this post will go as I have not had an ok email from the admin yet so forgive me if I have gone out of context cheers peeps and tight-lines :-)
    pps the personal is Martyn