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  • Hi Chris,
    It's fishing well all along from daw end/winterley lane right the way through to park hall.
    If you want bigger fish, then the caster is the best option fished right over to any features, as you've mentioned the water is 99% of the time gin clear so if you're fishing the pole always use a long line so the tip isn't over their heads.
    Same with the punch use a couple of foot of line between the float and tip and feed 'thumbnails' of liquisied every 4 or 5 fish fishing a couple of lines and switching very regularly to prevent spooking them. Try any peg with a feature when it's clear, far side tree, dead reeds, anything which gives the fish a bit of cover.
    The best fishing comes when there's some colour in the water(very rare) but it fishes brilliantly with groundbait and squatt which would normally be the kiss of death, 20lb of roach is easily doable on the right day.
    If you're after pike head to the "mile" section below the locks, there's plenty down there, which are a real pain when they attack every fish you hook..

    Hope that helps.