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  • spices gram massla cummin madras curry powder corriander powder fresh ginger fresh chillies turmaric powder fresh corrander fresh garlic 2 tins toms onions salt 1 shoulder mutton diced oil put 5tbs oil in pan with 5 fine sliced onions fry onionsuntill going soft add 5 cloves garlic finely chopped cook for a few mins on low heat add one and half tbs salt stir add 2 heaped tbs cummin powder same of corriander powder same of turmaric 3tbs gram massala 3tbs curry powder 2 tbs gratted fresh ginger stir on low heat constantley for 1 min add tinned toms stir for 1 min add 8 finely chopped chillies with seeds stir add diced mutton stir add 4 mugs of water stir add 2 hand fulls fresh corrander chopped stir simmer on low heat for @least 10hrs stir every so often for eating serve next day.quick chicken curry boeless chicken thigh meat 3lb diced 4 onions salt gram masla turmaric curry powder corrander powder cummin powder chilli powder fresh garlic 2 tubs low fat naturl yogut oil 3tbs oil in pan add onions finely chopped cook untill soft add 3 cloves finley chopped garlic 1tbs salt cook for 2 mins add 2tbs gran massala 2tbs cummin 2tbs corrander powder 3tbs curry powder 1tbs turmaric 2tsp chilli then add chilli to taste stir spices and onions together add diced chicken cook for 5 mins add yogut slowley stiring all the time do not cover cook for 1hr or untill chicken is cooked you can also add prawns to this dish