sheek keebabs get all your meat from shell corner the shop is very clean ive been in there fridges plus slaughter house
take 3 onions with 1 bulb garlic fresh chillies and mint plus ginger to meat counter ask them how much off the spices you need to 2lb mince and they will mince it all together for ya then on the shelf youll see keebab mix in boxes mix 2 packets into your mixter plus 1 egg to bind leave overnight you can add red food colouring if you want then put on skewers and cook under hot grill tandori chicken one lemon 1 lime natraul yogut tandoori mix put yoguy in large bowl add salt juice of lime and lemon stir in add tandoori mix till you get a red colour add abit off chilli powder 1tsp mint score chicken and add to mix completly cover it cover in cling film put in fridge over night cook in oven on high heat ps when i get chance i will give stu a copy on how to make it with all natural ingreadents it to long winded to explain