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  • I dont understand whats happened to fishing, were it used to be all about finesse, watercraft, and making least
    disturbance as possible, its now all about power and 300lb bags of starving tame goldfish, years ago if you
    accidently slapped your pole on the waters surface your swim was knackared for half an hour, now were
    purposely doing it to attract fish!

    I had never fished a commercial until a couple of years ago, as I had a bad feeling about them, anyway
    I took the plunge and must admit even though I thought they would be bad I didnt think they
    would be so BAD!!! First time I caught almost 200lb of carp and my friend who was new to angling
    caught well over 100lb, I had previously spent years fishing canals, rivers and reservoirs and had never
    quite managed a ton. And as far as I'm concerned I still havent done a ton as the fish in commercials
    are nothing more than tame goldfish!

    Fishing to me is about natural waters, wild fish, casters,maggots, waggler, slider, stick float
    ,roach,bream,dace,chub and a good long walk to your peg with an ASI seatbox digging
    into your shoulders! Cant see the point in parking behind your peg, paying your fiver,
    having your bacon sarnies brought to you and sitting there catching tame goldfish.

    The great Benny & Kevin Ashurst would not be impressed!!!