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  • right now i would say its very low especially with these adverse weather conditions, I havnt been there for 2 months myself. right now I would say maximum of 10, they tend to fish from one bank during the winter, this iopens up some feeder fishing to the far side and can be productive.

    in the warmer months 20 to 25 is a good average, and you will need anything from 200 to 400lb to win its a very good fishery, Im confident of framing from all but 3 or 4 pegs its very much a get it right on the day venue, there are certain pegs that throw up big weights regular but they are beatable.

    The locals have the venue well and truly sussed out Ken the owner is very good there and he doesnt seem to care where he is pegged and always puts a few on the scales. I would suggest if you go wait untill it warms up a bit, and take the time to put in 4 or 5 trips the first couple will be wasted working out the habits of the fish, once warmer there is no need to fish more than 5 metres out with a lot of fish coming very close in the margins most of the time you can see they are there by the swirls and the clouds, bait wise a case of lidls corn should see you ok for each match with a few pellets maggots and some luncheon meat for a change of hook bait, cat meat and paste also works but I find it slow

    the fish are from 1 lb to 16 lb 5 to 8 lb being a very good average

    Its worth a few visits the guys make you very welcome and the chance is on the cards to break the UK match record im certain it will come from there.

    Where are you based Mick

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