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  • Hi Lee,

    Sorry I missed this PM but I rarely check them these days as I dont get many and never get notified any more by email for some reason.

    Its probably too late now but the Cov Canal is completely dominated by fishing at the base of the far shelf in 2.5ft to 4ft of water. Simply dump half a pot of raw joker on one swim and a full pot on the other about 5m apart and possibly a short 4/5m line to kick off and thats it.

    You can fish fairly positive by canal standards with 22 hooks and 0.07mm bottoms and No3 lakky if you need to as the fish are big. Bloodworm can be as good as joker on the hook. Casters catch very little unless you are on skimmers, same with bread. You can go 2 hrs without a bite then do 10lb in 2hrs on this cut before they off again!

    Dont fish near bridge holes and always aim for the wider parts of straights.

    Hope that helps!