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  • Sorry for the delay in replying. No mate stuck on a big project in London for the whole spring, summer and may be Autumn. Europe's largest shopping center, Stratford, East London. I assume the Colmic boyz are all going.... now play friendly this year... no fisty chuffs!

    To be frank, i've not done musch fish since we last met up. The whole Ian and Sensas thing put me off for quite a while. I just like to go fishing without all the dramatics. So of the problems may have been my doing who knows. I tend to pleat on about what I have done and where I have been etc... it's just an automatic response to strangers and I do it without knowing. But I can see it comes accross as being big headed and been everywhere and done everything, which is far from true and not intended.

    I also had a back problem for most of 2010 and only recently have I found any long term relief.

    How are you and the Colmic boyz doing, you still fishing the happy league?

    All the best for Holland