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  • ME AGAIN!!!!l. Hi Marko,firstly hows ya back mate? hope its sorted for ya pal! im really gettin this canal bug lol!!, so ive another couple of questions for you,(hope you dont mind mate) here goes...(1). ground bait /type colour how much ect ,what do you use mate ? (2) would you fish a bread punch line ..if so where and how ? what i mean is do you fish a slop or just likky or both or something totally different ,is hemp used on any or the lines ?
    (3)you did say that some pegs to fish caster down the track ,again is this with ground bait /how deep is it down there?
    lastly there room to ship the pole behind or do you have to ship the pole down the towpath (so to speak?)...oh sorry ive one more !lol! if its breezy will the lucies still be ok or do you change to something else? Many thanks for your time mate and all your help ! Ridds