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  • ridds, here are the answers to your many questions lol
    1. groundbait- i use sensas fine mouture canal straight from the bag.
    2. yes a punch line will give you a few fish before you go on the squatt lines. fish it at 5/6 metres down the track in front of you. use licky not slop, it's about 5ft deep and you need to give the licky a squeeze to get it down mate.
    3. i always feed and fish a long hemp line ....the bigger roach seem to hug the far bank.
    4.caster lines, loosefeed csters down the track or over. no groundbait on these lines.
    5.towpath- is ok to ship behind ya but at an angle.
    6. lucies are good even when it's a bit windy mate, a very stable and sensitive float.

    hope this helps,